‘Book Report’ on ‘The blue ocean strategy’.

Road map to doing innovation!

Art by Author-Ankit Priyadarshi. This line is taken from the book-.

Welcome guys! It feels so great to share the first book report from this publication. Which is about the fascinating book ‘y’.

Now if you get an impression, that it has something to do with oceans and aquatic life, that’s not the case here. Please don’t be disappointed because it has got to offer something equally interesting.

Well, it deals with oceans but metaphorical ones!
The ‘blue ocean’ symbolises new and uncontested market space, which this book talks about creating. Whereas the red ocean symbolises the existing market spaces prevalent with cutthroat competition.

Now, even if you feel…

The Hero Of My Own Stories

The Hero Of My Own Stories — Selfie By Author- Ankit Priyadarshi

My name is Ankit Priyadarshi,
I am the hero of the stories I write,

I write both fiction and fact.

As a matter of fact,
if only I could act,

I would play myself,
in the movie version of —

in the TV. adaptation of


As you can see,
I like to dream,

I play/write for my team.
My friends and family…

for me, their opinion is the best,
if they like it, I share with the rest,

of the world. …

Happy Engineers Day!

And They will Learn Half Of Mechanical Engineering in no time.

What you see is something, I have no idea about! I was just having fun!-Photo and 3-d by Author.

I am sure most of the parents and people, in general, would be surprised reading the title of this story. However, a large chunk of people would also be wondering, what is a CAD after all? And how does it relate kids and engineering? For starters, It stands for Computer-Aided Design software.

I know after each line, it’s getting harder to believe!

But trust me, I say that from experience. I have been working as an automobile engineer for almost eight years now. And what I told you is my well thought realization.

Once I tell you a little more…

I have found a new interest in animation and game development.

And I am going to work for it.

A concept art of a scene from my story, The Gun Slinger Of The high Seas.

Hi Everyone! So I came across this exciting prompt from medium to write about what you wish you could do better. And I had the answer ready to flow out of my head!

I wrote a piece some time back, called It’s a short fictional crime piece and has got some diabolical twists in the most humorous ways! When I was writing it even, I had no idea what I would do in the following line. The way I wrote it is almost like the screenplay of a movie.

As soon as I…

My story, why I have been a fan since I was 6!

Something’s been missing lately.

‘007' Fan Art By Author- Ankit Priyadarshi

I have been writing a lot on Medium since I seriously started writing here about 3–4 months back. I have written stories, poems, and informative articles. As of this writing, the total of all my Medium stories counts to 81! During this journey, I have shared a lot about myself or what I think, directly or Indirectly.

So I thought it was time I share some more exciting stuff!

I have been a fan of ‘James Bond’ since I was six! I was such a big fan that I believed James bond was real! In fact, at the time, I…

Reverse Engineering ‘The Process Of Design’

Fun, Joy, Appreciation & just a few more things …

What does the creation tells about its creator? Art By Author - Ankit Priyadarshi

Heart, mind, appreciation, fun, and joy, when these forces join, an environment is created in which we think freely and come up with enjoyable new ideas. Otherwise referred to as innovation!

Such an environment enables creativity. But let me tell you from experience what drives a good design is fun! Well, a little bit of joy changes the mood no matter what you do.

If you wonder that you are not a designer or an engineer and you have never designed anything or are not going to do it in the future, please allow me to change your mind.


It’s Time Someone Sets The Record Straight!

We have biases towards our preferred option.

What would you prefer? Art By Author-Ankit Priyadarshi

So just like any other day, I was reading some articles on Medium. I was feeling a bit low. So I decided I need a change of mood and I searched ‘positivity’ on Medium.

Let’s look at the results I got:

The first four appear to have a negative outlook!

Is there something wrong with us? And what the hell is toxic positivity? Perhaps this is a paradox! You can be positive, or you can be not. But I went ahead and read the piece. I found a comment which I agree with, that if it’s toxic, it can’t be…

Reverse engineering the process of design!

There are too many simple things to miss…

How happy is the end user? Art By Author-Ankit Priyadarshi

If I can pick one idea or a concept that I truly love, it’s the concept of design. It’s, to an extent, synonymous with imagination. Ever since I was a child, I had a vivid imagination. (Perhaps like every other child!) Somehow this childishness stayed with me even after growing up and look at what I am today, a design engineer!

I imagine new things to bring them to life!

Why do I do it? To put it in a better way, “Why do I love to do it?”

Because when I do it, I feel the freedom!

From where…

Reverse engineering the ‘Process of design’.

Could change the way you see things!

What your needs are? (This question lies at the heart of all design activities!) Art by Author-Ankit Priyadarshi

I am an automobile engineer. Ever since I enrolled in an engineering college, my friends and family would look up to me to repair any and almost everything! They would ask me about which car to buy or which one has a better engine and things like that. But, honestly, I didn’t have these answers always. Hence I also used to wing it at times! If I were lucky, my parents would ask me to help them set up a new electronic gadget and shower praises on me if I get it done!

It was understandable, as they are my…

Stories Around Design

To a competition we registered with so much zeal.

A newspaper article about my final year engineering project. ( I am third from left)

So one fine day, my friend and I heard our seniors in college talking about designing an ATV.

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle.

They were planning to participate in a design competition meant for college students. The idea intrigued both of us and inspired us to make a team of fellow batchmates and register in that competition.

When we decided to participate, it was already the second last day for the registration. Further, the registration fee was a hefty Rs 15,000 (Indian Rupees). It was a large sum as my monthly expenses were around Rs 4,000 at that time (2010).

Ankit Priyadarshi

I seek satisfaction in the answers to curiosity!

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