It’s allegedly the ‘chemical X’ that Created the Power-Puff Girls :)

Still looking for chemical X! Art By Author-Ankit Priyadarshi

Engineering Tales | Workplace struggles.

I am talking about corporate terror!

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Hi! My name is Ankit Priyadarshi, and I like to tell stories! This story is a real one and I feel many corporate employees would relate to it.

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And what else do I need to learn before I publish it?

WIP cover image of my book.

First of all, why self-publish?

Dark Humour

You really shouldn’t have said that….

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Sharing the recipe with you in a poem!

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Design in action!

Both require a deep dive…

See what my exploration revealed! Art by Author-Ankit Priyadarshi

One of the ideas I have fallen in love with is the idea of design!


Die-Hard Fan Fiction and Theories.

An Unpopular Opinion!

007 Fan art by author-Ankit Priyadarshi

Warning, spoilers, and unpopular opinions ahead!

Writing my heart out! Art by Author-Ankit Priyadarshi


Something evil’s lurking from the dark!

Dark Comedy (Based on a true story*)

Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

Ankit Priyadarshi

I seek satisfaction in the answers to curiosity!

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