‘Book Report’ on ‘The blue ocean strategy’.

Road map to doing innovation!

Art by Author-Ankit Priyadarshi. This line is taken from the book-Blue Ocean Strategy.

Welcome guys! It feels so great to share the first book report from this publication. Which is about the fascinating book ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’.

The Hero Of My Own Stories

The Hero Of My Own Stories — Selfie By Author- Ankit Priyadarshi

My name is Ankit Priyadarshi,
I am the hero of the stories I write,

A work of art, representing the common people.

A chapter from the life of common people of Patna

The Duality Of Reality!-Art by Author-Ankit Priyadarshi

Brain drain is an understatement!

No stage deserves to be empty! A thought inspired by this Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

What would happen,
If darkness spreads all over…
and there is no sign of light?
will it induce fright?
would you stop believing in a future that could be bright?

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

There is a feeling
in my mind,
one of a kind!


Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

Move over laziness,
stop being inactive,
feel the freshness,
try to be active…

Book Report on

6 Days To Go… (Maybe less).


Just so many…Photo by Author-Ankit Priyadarshi

What am I going to do?
Today, tomorrow or the day after and after…

I wonder, a better question would be,
“What do I want them to be?”

©Ankit Priyadarshi

What do you want your options to be?
I invite you my friends to think over this because I feel by asking this question, we are giving our conscience a chance to speak up!

Pictures Inspire #12

Created by Author

Hey little guy,
you’re out of focus!

look at the tree,
the leaves, the branches and shoots.

How sharp they look,
In the photos I shoot.

Whereas, you my little friend,
look blur!

I am sorry!
If I am bothering you sir!

The little guy,
then hopped off the tree,
and flew away on a joyous spree!

Ankit Priyadarshi

I seek satisfaction in the answers to curiosity!

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