#100th Story, YAY!

The funniest story from my college days!

Please don’t think this story has anything to do with technicality or engineering! On the contrary, it’s a story that glorifies mega goof-ups.

Well, why not? They make good comic material!

So I was studying ‘Automobile Engineering’ at ‘Bassapa Verrapa Bhoomaraddi College Of Engineering and Technology.’ Better known as B.V.B.C.E.T…

India to UK

Ever had a Heggimayo?

So if you have been reading my stories for some time, there are chances you might know I worked in Scotland for a year (2018–2019). I am an Indian citizen and went to Scottland on deputation. Today I will tell you about a cultural shock that I experienced for the…

Sharing is caring.

And what else do I need to learn before I publish it?

I wrote my book! And I can safely say that’s one of the most significant achievements of my life. So I feel it’s time to share some practical things that I learned along the way and invite some feedback or tips before self-publishing.

First of all, why self-publish?

The answer is I believe in my…

Did I learn something today?

Because the kindness shown towards you was a deliberate choice!

Well, I am humbled today, because someone didn’t show sensitivity!

What actually humbled me was not the insensitivity itself but the realization of how easy it was to show it! This makes me not only appreciate good behavior but also bow down in respect for the people who helped me.

A poetic journey across …

A thought provoking exploration…

I will be honest
about everything and nothing!

I may tell you everything you want to hear
and nothing that I want to share!

It may also be the opposite!
I may share all you may not want to hear!

but the thing is, I do care,
about everything and nothing…

Sharing some practical ideas…

How does a returning reader, find your story? Is It through your profile page or publications?

How do you read stories on medium?

I think there are three ways to do it.

a.) Through your feed.
b.) Through your notifications from the writers you follow.
c.) By visiting a publication homepage.

Well, of the three ways above, the first and third are beyond the writers’ control…

Some lessons learnt!

Sharing is caring

In this article, I will share a few random thoughts related to Medium, which have been going on in my head for some time now!

My thoughts about chasing followers on Medium!

You get readers by engaging with other writers. You can have many followers, but that won’t mean a thing as very few would read all…

This happened to me!

Sharing my experience of reading online.

When I first joined Medium, I wondered, who were the people who just came to read on Medium? As they must be my target audience. But after a few months and 90 stories later, I became that person who comes to Medium to read! …

It’s allegedly the ‘chemical X’ that Created the Power-Puff Girls :)

Some times I feel I delivered the message by creating the right title and selecting the right image!

Enjoy the GIF I have created!

I have been looking at it for 1/2 an hour, so that I haven’t been able to right anything! Ha ha!

I will try to upload…

Engineering Tales | Workplace struggles.

I am talking about corporate terror!

Well, neither was I (at least not directly!) ; but that’s what my supervisor said after I explained myself!

Hi! My name is Ankit Priyadarshi, and I like to tell stories! This story is a real one and I feel many corporate employees would relate to it.

So I was…

Ankit Priyadarshi

I seek satisfaction in the answers to curiosity!

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