All the gold glitters :)

Valentine’s Day Special!

Ankit Priyadarshi


All the gold glitters!
and so do you…

My dear,
you are lovely as a rose,
So here’s something I propose…

Shine along with me…
Illuminate the world around!

You made my life turn around…
In my every step, your footprints can be found!

Suppose this is what’s called a ‘Merry’ go around!
Because that’s what it feels like.

Let’s make merry;
your warmth pleases me very!


As much as I can’t express…
but it does caress,

my feelings gently!
And I watch them go wild…

When it comes to you,
nothing’s mild,

I must be the ‘Destiny’s Child!’

Shine and sparkle,
would you?

For me, for us,
and for the sparks
that fly around us…

When we are together!

I don’t want to say what’s evident,
not because I can’t,

But I wish to fill the moment,
with more love than you can ever want…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

All the gold glitters. Photo by author-Ankit Priyadarshi.