Best of luck!

I have high goals for October as well.

I have a friendly advice, you don't have control on followers, It depends on the decision of people who are reading your work. I would suggest a better goal would be that you engage with 250 different writers.

(Trust me it's a hard thing to do, it will take time and energy) You read their work and comment on them and make a list of your favourite ones. and keep engaging with them.

I have close to 670 followers and the number of people who read everything I write is not even 15. (if you follow a 100 people just imagine if you would be able to read all their work? But you would certainly read the works of people who engage with yours!)

I believe this is the longest response someone has given on your post so far! Any ways, all the best my friend!

I seek satisfaction in the answers to curiosity!