Something evil’s lurking from the dark!

Psycho On The Other Side…

Dark Comedy (Based on a true story*)

Ankit Priyadarshi
6 min readSep 21, 2021


“Define a psycho.” Said the guy Sharpening his machete.
There was a moment of silence…

“I really want to understand!” He said while his eyes were fixed on the blade, examining its sharpness.

“Did I not say a word? Perhaps I was just thinking and not speaking. It’s hard to tell sometimes, isn’t it?”

This time he tried to smile, though he made an honest effort, ‘fake’ would best describe the expression that appeared on his face resembling a smile.

“Would you please define what a psycho is? I really, really want to understand!”

He looked at the lady, who he had tied to the chair! And covered her mouth with a piece of cloth.

The lady was surprised! This ordeal was going on for a time, but it was for the first time he asked the same question nicely.

All the other times, this guy would ask this question, and when the lady tried to answer, he would punish her for mumbling because that sound irritated him a lot!

This gave the lady a moment to think without being overwhelmed with fear. She then shook her head to gesture, she won’t tell him!

This confused the guy. He was not expecting that!

He scratched his head! Then he said, “Why would you do that?”
She made a similar gesture again, indicating, ‘I don’t Know!’

It was definitely risky what this lady was doing, but to her, it was a lesser risk as she knew well enough what would happen if she tried to speak and mumbles! Further, it was still uncertain what would be the outcome of these new actions?

But what was she trying to do? Was she trying to find a way to reason with this guy or trick him by any means?

Perhaps this guy was also thinking on the same lines!

“Why are you doing that?” asked the guy.
The lady smiled! This was, of course, a fake expression but looked more realistic than what this guy was able to produce!