Trying to answer your question, I can write a full post about it separately! But I will try to share my thoughts here first.

I want to talk about feminism first. I feel what feminism stands for is, that men and women have enjoyed different level of privileges through out our history and which has resulted into a patriarchial society. It is our duty as right thinking human beings to acknowledge and rectify this anomaly.

Now, I would also like to point out that feminism is the ‘biggest marketing failure of the century!’ Why do I say this? Because even good people do not clearly understand what it means and have a negative opinion about it. It has got so much bad publicity that people who don’t pay attention will only be exposed to this concept being shown in bad light. These days every one is busy, our minds are so exhausted that without even noticing we refrain from putting effort. We try to get way from things that requires time, branding them as ‘boring’. Just like in the case of your son. I am sure he is a good kid, who must have understood what feminism is only after you would have spent time and discussed it with him.

Some things need an hour long discussion, to be fully understood. So by design a 5min video can’t do justice.

Same is the case with a lot of other people. I feel it is time we should correct the perception about feminism.

That brings me to another important aspect, just like you knew what was right when it came to feminism and explained/ discussed with your child to make him understand, why should it be any different in any other matter. Let’s shelve the word ‘control’ for some time and try to explore other options. Now omegle is a site I started using when I was in college (18+). I think, I remember it has an age limit as well. It does not enforce it but it displays it as a guideline. It is there for a reason. I don’t know if it has changed, but if it would have then it should be unethical on omegle’s part to have allowed Mr . Pig into your child’s screen. So please enquire about this site and take a decision if you think right, to completely stop your kids from using it. In this case it’s not about the choices your kids have, but its about your kids not being mature enough yet.

In other cases it is noble to allow your kids to make choices for themselves, and let them learn from their failures, but its not the choices that I feel you should focus on. Instead please focus on the values which would help them make the right choices.

Clarity of thought, depth of knowledge and fluency in communication (back and forth) are the pillars of proper education and half the education kids get at home. So I would say you should decide when you want your children to learn things from their own experiences and when you would like them to learn something from your experiences. Only you can know what is the right mix.

I am not a parent yet, but I was a teen not very long ago(31 now) . So I feel I can say with some authority omegle is not for kids ☺. And till they grow up (17to 18) there is no harm in trying to be aware of what they are doing online.

One last thing, no young person feels they are kids or underage to do anything. That I Suppose is also the epitome of childishness. One way to take advantage of it is to treat them as adults and have open minded discussions. My mother always did that. The rewards idea is a good one but you need to be smart with its implementation . My dad always used to ask me why I wanted to do something, and if he was not convinced he would tell me, “Take two days time think and then come to me with a proper reason. If I am not convinced you will have to do what I want (exact opposite). ” His idea was to make me think in detail about my choices. It never happened that I was not able to convince him after thinking for two days! Was I smart?



I seek satisfaction in the answers to curiosity!

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