Well, I have been trying to understand marketing for a while now. What I have understood is, it is the complete package, right from creating to selling. All of it combined is marketing, not just selling!

In our case, creation comes from the heart, we put out what we feel good about or what we want to rant about.

If we change that the whole process gets compromised.And the people who enjoy our reading would not get what they liked in the first place.

I believe more than the content the genuinity matters here. Sometimes we may produce variety of content and all might not be liked by everyone. But that is fine, as there would be different people who like that stuff.

I feel, in order to market our work on medium,(creation + taking it to the readers) we just need to focus on three things, 1. creating what we like. 2.Finding people whose work we admire and 3.Making meaningful connections and be patient.

I got this advice reading an article that only metric which you should be worried about is the impact your story or poem has made. which could be known by the comments or feedback you get.

So I conclude saying, what I am implementing myself,

I am going to care about myself first! I would write and read things which i like, I would be sure to try different things, but I won't do anything which i don't like!


I seek satisfaction in the answers to curiosity!

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